Wedding Insurance- Importance Of Wedding Insurance in 2022

Wedding Insurance, Wedding Insurance- Importance Of Wedding Insurance in 2022, Brillaweb
Written by Jacob Efeni

Are you wondering if wedding Insurance is worth it? If you’re not sure, then read this article to the end to find out if it is worth getting wedding insurance coverage.

An average wedding budget in the United State is closing around $20,000 and above due to so many logistics such as reception and ceremony. With the high cost of having a successful wedding, insurance will be the best idea.

But before you think of getting an insurance coverage policy, it is very important to know what it will cover and what it will not.

Before we dive straight into today’s topic of discussion, let us look at other important things regarding wedding insurance and how you can secure a policy.

Wedding Insurance, Wedding Insurance- Importance Of Wedding Insurance in 2022, Brillaweb
Wedding Insurance

What Is A Wedding Insurance?

As the name implies, wedding insurance is a form of financial protection for a wedding celebration. This form of insurance is meant to protect properties in case anything goes wrong while in the process of the wedding celebration.

Wedding Insurance comes in two different kinds which are:

  • Wedding Liability Insurance
  • Wedding Cancellation or Postponement

Wedding Liability Insurance

When you hear the word wedding liability, I want you to understand that it is a kind of insurance coverage that is meant to protect and pay for damages or injuries that may occur during an event. This will cover for any form of physical damage that may occur while the wedding was going on at the venue.

Wedding Cancellation or postponement

Wedding postponements have occurred severally and this can be a serious loss to the celebrants. Some of this are things that arise on the day of the wedding which is beyond the control of the celebrants and because of this, they are left with no reason but to call off the wedding.

A good example of this is bad weather, illness, injury, or even a fire outbreak at the event center. With this, the celebrants will be forced to either postpone the wedding or even call it off.

What Does Wedding Insurance Cover?

Weddings can be of different size, which is one of the reasons why an insurance coverage for a wedding cannot cover everything that might go wrong. The insurance policy for such event varies by the insurer but the following exclusions usually applies:

  • Overall Cost
  • Change Of Heart
  • Ordinary bad weather

What Is the Cost of A Wedding Insurance?

The overall cost of a wedding insurance coverage can be determined base on different factors such as:

  • The Location
  • The issuing insurer
  • Coverage amounts
  • Size of wedding
  • Optional riders

With all of the above put into consideration, a general basic wedding cancellation or postponement policy costs between $100-$500. But in a general liability policy that provides up to $1 million in coverage for accidents or injuries cost around $125

Does Wedding Insurance Covers Breakups?

Wedding Insurance does not cover breakup or wedding cancellation as a result of the couple calling off the wedding because they feel they can’t get married anymore.

Do Insurance Covers Gifts?

A basic wedding insurance policy doesn’t typically cover lost or stolen gifts unless you add a wedding gift rider to your insurance plan when you buy it.

Where Can I Buy Wedding Insurance Coverage?

Not every insurance company offers such kind of insurance policy. If you must get one you can check out some major companies that specialize in such kind of insurance or niche.


When you want to get married, it is very important to get insurance coverage that will protect your event against any unplanned or unexpected event that may take place on that day.  If things go wrong on that day, you can still rest assured that you’re covered.

It’s wise to start shopping for a wedding insurance policy as soon as you begin the planning process. Compare policies and rates from multiple companies, and be sure to read the exclusions and restrictions carefully because policies vary in what they will and won’t cover.

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