Create A Fidelity Bank Mobile Transfer Pin

Create a fidelity Bank pin
Written by Jacob Efeni

In today’s article, we will be discussing how to create a pin for fidelity bank mobile transfer. This article will also cover account-related activities regarding fidelity bank and how you can take advantage of the opportunities available to fidelity bank customers.

In other to effectively use fidelity bank, you’ll need to create a pin that you will use for authenticating each and every transaction such as buying of airtime, data, money transfer and many more.

Fidelity Bank is known for its numerous top-notch services such as Mobile Banking, Online Banking, SME Banking, Digital Banking, Personal Banking, Corporate Banking and Private Banking.

However, fidelity bank has proven to be among the most secured banks when it comes to USSD mobile service.

The bank uses advanced encryption to secure its platform from hackers. So be rest assured that your money is safe with the bank.

As a customer of fidelity bank, it is advisable to use a password that you can remember easily, this password is going to serve as the user authenticator before any transaction can be initiated on your account.

I always advise people to avoid using passwords such as date of birth or year. passwords like that can be easily guessed by an unauthorized person. If you expose your password to a third party, your account can be compromised.

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Create A Fidelity Bank Mobile Transfer Pin

Before I go any further, let me explain what a fidelity bank transfer pin is.

What Is Fidelity Bank Transfer Pin

A fidelity bank transfer pin is a four-digit number that you can use to authenticate any transaction on your account before it can be initiated.

Requirement For Setting Up Fidelity Bank Transfer Pin

In other to setup fidelity bank transfer pin, you’ll need the following

  • The bank Ussd Code (*770#)
  • The mobile number linked to your bank account
  • A phone ( Smartphone or mobile phone)


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Instead of wasting more time let’s go straight to how to create a pin for fidelity bank mobile transfer;

How to Create Fidelity Bank Transfer Pin(Step-by-step)

To successfully set up your Fidelity bank transfer pin, follow the steps below.

Step 1

Dail *770# Using the phone number linked to your fidelity bank

Step 2

A menu will pop up, then select number “1”

Step 3

Then Enter your fidelity account number(NUBAN)

Step 4

Set up your secret pin number. This pin should be a 4 digit number that you can easily remember

Step 5

Confirm Pin Number (You will be asked to confirm your pin again. Enter the same pin)

Step 6

You’ll receive a text message stating that your pin has been created

Once you follow these steps successfully, your pin will be created and you can start performing transactions.


If you have any questions regarding how to create a pin for fidelity bank mobile transfer, you can drop them in the comment section. we will respond to them as soon as we can.

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