Want To Make Money With Standard Chartered Bank? (Read This)

With the widespread of technology, it has become so easy to make money online in Nigeria using modern-day technology. You can now make money online by opening bank accounts for people as an individual or as accredited POS business agents.

As a POS business agent or an individual, you can make money by adding various streams of income to your present business. 

In this post, I’ll show you how to make money by opening standard chartered bank accounts for people right from your business outlet as a POS agent or an individual who wants to make passive income.

Before I go any further.

What is Standard Chartered Bank?

The bank all started when the standard bank of South Africa was merged with the bank of west Africa in 1965. This merger allowed the banks to acquire businesses including a bank operation in Nigeria which dated to 1894. 

The name of the bank was later changed to the standard bank of west Africa. Four years after the merger, the standard bank of Nigeria was locally incorporated to take over the business in Nigeria. 

The shared capital of the bank amounting to 13 per cent was placed with Nigeria investors. After the civil war of Nigeria, the bank experienced a major economic upturn, as a result of that, the military government increased local control of the retail banking sector, hence the Bank’s investment in Standard Bank Nigeria (renamed First Bank of Nigeria in 1979) was reduced to 38%. Standard Chartered remained a shareholder of First Bank of Nigeria until 1996.

In 1999 standard chartered bank reentered Nigeria and started operation on the 15th of September 1999 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of standard chartered bank plc with headquarters in the united kingdom.

Want To Make Money With Standard Chartered Bank? (Read This)

What Kind Of Banking Is Available In Standard Chartered Bank?

The standard chartered bank covers different kinds of banking such as Company banking and individual banking.

  • Individual
  • Personal Banking

This form of banking helps you save your money, shows you how to spend and get great rewards from standard chartered bank reward programs. This program allows you to earn points for any purchase you make. These points can be accumulated and spent on shopping products online from standard chartered accredited shopping platforms.

  • Premium Banking

Premium banking allows you to have access to different services such as premium wealth solutions, premium financing solutions, premium insurance solutions, premium digital convenience and premium reward and service.

This service allows you to 

  • Zero charges on transfers
  • Zero charges on SMS Notification
  • Zero charges on ATM withdrawals
  • Free bank card delivery to your doorstep nationwide

The standard chartered bank premium banking also covers different reward programs. This reward program  allows you to have access to the following

  • Earn 500 free points on a sign to SC Credit card and build upon reward points as you spend using your debit or credit card to earn more points
  • Higher credit card limit for Platinum cardholders. T&C applies
  • Discounts on purchases made with SC debit and credit cards with select merchants

  • Digital Banking

Digital banking at standard chartered banks allows you to bank with great features such as mobile banking service, USSD service, get bank statement, register account, change password, apply for credit cards, apply for a loan and many more.

  • Priority Banking

With priority banking, Standard chartered bank helps you in preserving and growing your wealth. Standard chartered bank will provide you with a dedicated relationship team to help you with solutions that best fit your goals, risk profile and life stage.

  • Banking for Companies
  • Corporate Banking 
  • Corporate banking creates solutions for MNCs and financial institutions.
  • Business Banking

Standard chartered bank business banking creates easy and transparent banking to help grow small and large businesses.

Standard Chartered Current account Opening Form

The standard chartered bank current account form can be downloaded here and you can fill the form directly as a pdf file without having to print the form before filling it.

How To Open Standard Chartered Bank Online

Standard chartered bank allows you to create an account without visiting any branch while you still get full functionalities like that of the everyday bank you see around you.

They have designed their platform in such a way that you can easily and conveniently register an account for free using an iPhone or an android phone. Before you proceed to the opening of the account, ensure you have all your documents readily available with you. 

Standard Chartered Bank Account Opening Requirement

Documents Required To Open a Standard Chartered Bank Account in Nigeria

  • Identity card (National identity card, voters card or international passport)
  • Utility bill ( electricity bill is more preferable )
  • Bank verification number (BVN)
  • A full registered phone number ( Ensure it has never been used for registration of any standard chartered bank account before)

How To Open A Standard Chartered Bank Account

Step-By-Step Process To Open an Account


Download SC Mobile App and tap on “Open Account”.


Start the application by entering your BVN in the provided field.


Enter the 6-digits OTP sent to your Mobile Number.


Update your contact details (where required) and share some more information about yourself.


Take your selfie photo and upload your valid ID card and Signature (optional).


Review the details you have provided and accept the Terms and Conditions.


Submit the request and wait for a while for your account to be created. Note: Where the account number is not displayed immediately on the screen, temporary registration details will be sent to your Email Address and mobile number after a while. You might also be contacted by a staff of the bank.

Types Of Cards Available For Standard Chartered  Bank Customers

There are two major cards available to standard chartered bank users.

Credit Card 

Credit card comes in two types which are visa gold and visa platinum credit card.

Debit card

For this category of card, it comes as visa gold debit card, visa platinum debit card and visa infinite debit card.

Standard Chartered Bank Nigeria Account Opening Form

You can easily get a standard chartered account opening form by downloading a predefined copy of the form from here

How To Download Standard Chartered Bank App

The Standard chartered bank app comes in two different operating systems which is iPhone and Android. 

Download the iPhone app using this link

Download the app from playstore using this link

Standard Chartered Bank Customer Care Number Nigeria

You can reach the standard chartered bank customer care through this phone (+2348001235000). The number is toll-free, you will not be charged for any call you make.

One of the things I enjoy about the customer care service of the standard chartered bank is the professionalism of their customer care representatives and their promptness to your call whenever you reach them. Always be rest assured that they will solve your problem.

How To Make Money Registring Standard Chartered Bank Accounts As An Individual or POS Agent

You must have been eager to know how you can make money by just creating bank accounts for people. Don’t worry, you will learn how you can make money online by opening bank accounts.

Before you start creating an account for people, you must own a savings or current bank account with the standard chartered bank. If you own an account you will be given a referral code which you can locate from your mobile app. This code will allow the bank to know the people you register and allocate the appropriate funds as a referral bonus in your bank account.

When you create an account for anybody, the both of you will receive the sum of N1,500 naira each amounting to N3,000 naira.

This is a very nice marketing strategy initiated by the bank by making it a win-win for both the customer and the referrer.

How Do You Make Money As A POS Outlet

People already believe in your business and they know you to be working as an agent of the bank. You can create a nice banner and place it at your outlet with something like ” We will pay your N1,500 when you open a free account with our bank”. This will create curiosity and a lot of people will ask you how to sign up for this promotion.


I believe you must have learnt what a standard chartered bank is and how you can make money by opening an account for people.

If you have any questions regarding how to make money by opening bank accounts, feel free to drop a comment. we will be happy to reply.

Thank you for reading.