Aella Credit App (An Era Of Fraud)

Aella Credit is a money lending mobile app that allows customers to borrow money without having to use any of their assets as collateral.

This mobile app used to be one of the best mobile money lending app but in this recent days, a lot has changed. A report came to us regarding the fraudulent activities being carried out by Aella Credit. 

The loan company has been siphoning money from the account of so many customers and nothing has been done about it.

At first, when the report came to us at Deloanspot regarding the fraud taking place by Aella Creditwe thought it was a glitch from the system which they needed some time to fix it.

We had to start our own investigations to ensure that the allegation toward Aella’s credit was true or false. That was how we came to learn a lot that was happening within Aella Credit. Continue reading to find out what is actually happening at Aella Credit.

Aella Credit App (An Era Of Fraud)

Why Is Aella Credit a Scam?

Aella Credit has been giving out loans regularly since 2020, at first we found it difficult to believe that Aella Credit is a scam but it end up being true.

 As it has been said before “Change is constant” by the Greek philosopher Heraclitus who said that “change is the only constant in life.” It means that the world is always changing and so are people. Not only is change always happening but it is also unavoidable. 

Over the years, a lot of people have grown confident in Aella Credit and believe it to be a reliable source for getting a quick loan which they find nothing wrong with giving out their credentials to the loan app. Almost all the loan app in Nigeria always ask for confidential information such as BVN in other to evaluate their customers before giving out loans.

The app uses the BVN to check the credit score of the customer using artificial intelligence or machine learning technology to check if the customer has a bad credit score or not. That same BVN is another important detail that fraudsters can use to get confidential information that they can use to perpetuate their criminal activities.

As of August 2021, Aella Credit has been receiving a series of complaints from customers claiming that they have been receiving a series of debit alerts in their account which is coming from Aella Credit even when they are not defaulting on any loan or having an outstanding loan.

Even after several complaints from customers, Aella Credit has done nothing to rectify the issue or refund their customers money.

One of our Editors had a telephone interview with a displeased customer, The customer Suleman (Not a real name) spoke about how he was defrauded by Aella Credit. 

In his words, he stated that

“I needed an urgent loan to do something important and it was very urgent. So someone introduced Aella Credit to me and I went ahead to create an account. After I created the account and fill in my detail, I was given an offer of N2,600 which was not enough but I still went ahead and collected the loan. when I tried to pay back the loan, it wasn’t going through so I contacted them and they ask me to pay with a transfer, upon paying the money I received another debit alert of N2600 which makes it a total of N5200. I had to contact customer care and explain what happened. They later refunded the money, but as I speak to you right now they have debited over N7000 from my account. when I tried to contact them through email, they keep using different customer care representatives to reply to my email and all of them keep telling me to send my details and screenshots like a bot, right now I’m tired of sending the same email over and over again. This evening again, they have debited me another N2600. My account has been compromised!”

This was the story of the young man who reach us at Deloanspot. We decided to take the issue by contacting one Mr Toni on 09062276076 on a phone call. When we called Mr Toni to tell him about the illegal debit going on in the customer account he said he will look into it the following. On the 9th of November 2021, we tried every means possible to reach him but he didn’t pick our call.

Below are different reviews on playstore regarding the fraudulent activities going on with the Aella Credit-lending platform.

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Most customers are complaining about the same issue which was reported to us. We even saw cases of people complaining that a loan offer was given to them on their Aella dashboard but never disbursed into their bank account.
See screenshot below 

Even after seeing all of these messages on their official page, they have refused to respond to any of the comments and allegations.


We at Deloanspot are advising the general public to stay away from Aella Credit mobile money app. If you have a similar experience, you can report the app to google so that it can be removed from Play Store. For any questions, you can drop them in the comment section. We’ll answer them as soon as we can.
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