Want To Take Down Fraudulent Loan App From Play Store? (Read This)

Have you been scammed by a fraudulent loan application on Google Playstore? and you’re thinking of reporting the app to Google playstore so that the app can be taken down for the safety of others? If yes, then you’re in the right place.

Google playstore is one of the largest android app stores where you can download any app of your choice. The Google Playstore uses its own security known as play protect to filter out malicious apps that carry malware or virus to ensure the safety of its user.

Before an app developer can upload his app on playstore, it must pass through the verification process for google to be sure that your app is safe for download.

But that question remains, how will google know if an app is a scam or fraud? The answer is simple. Just report it and ensure that you give it a one-star and a negative review.

In this article, I’ll be discussing how you can report a fraudulent loan application on playstore so that google can take it down.

There are best ways to report a fraudulent loan app to Google Playstore so that it can be taken down as fast as possible. If you read the article to the end, you’ll learn the easiest and the best way to take down a fraudulent application from the playstore within 24 hours.

Want To Take Down Fraudulent Loan App From Play Store? (Read This)

A lot of loan apps that offer loans without collateral can be found on google playstore and most of them end up becoming frauds or scams. But due to the high number of downloads, these apps still remain on the Play Store which gives more room to scam new users who’re downloading the app for the first time. Most people don’t usually check reviews before downloading an app which is one of the major reasons why they fall victim to online loan scams.

If you’re a regular reader at Deloanspot, you must have come across one of our articles on how a young man almost go his life destroyed by HalooCredit or HCredit.

The activities of these loan sharks have remained unchecked and the central bank of Nigeria is doing nothing about all of these loan sharks who claim to be giving out loans without collateral.

We’ve seen different loan applications that end up becoming scams with the like of Borrow Now Loan App.  Apps like this have been tormenting their customers and sending all manner of disgusting text messages to their customers who default even for just one day.

To cut the story short, let us dive into how you can report any fraudulent loan application on playstore and get it removed.

Note: Before you go ahead and report any application which you believe is into fraudulent activities to Google playstore, make sure that you have enough proof to justify your claim. Google will make use of the information you provided to conduct their investigations before they will remove the app.

If you find any application on playstore violating any of your rights or google terms of service, do not hesitate to report such an app. Your contribution will help Google to cleanse the store and make sure that only genuine and legitimate apps are found on the Play Store.

You can also read Google Content Policy for apps hosted on playstore

How To Take Down Fraudulent Loan App From Play Store

Step by step process to report a fraudulent application to playstore.Visit the Google Legal removal page and create a request. Before making the request, make sure that you have flagged the app on PlayStore. 

To report or flag a loan app for policy violations such as stealing data without your consent, sending threats or blackmailing messages to your contacts, CLICK HERE.

On this page, you will need to select the google product that is violating the Google Terms of service.
Select one of the products you’re having issues with. See image below
select google app to report

Step 1

Select any of the following infringement that is related to your report

Below is the list

  • Sexual content
  • Graphic violence
  • Hateful or abusive content
  • Harmful to device or data
  • Spam
  • Gambling
  • Third-Party Payment
  • Ads
  • Unlawful activities
  • Other objection

Step 2

You’ll be required to explain why you think the app should be removed from playstore

Briefly explain why you want Google to take down the loan app. In this stage, you need to be specific and detailed using a maximum of 1000 words to explain what happened exactly. 

Step 3

You need to justify your claim by attaching a screenshot

Attach an image or screenshot that can help to justify your claims regarding the removal of the application. Google takes this removal seriously and you’re advised not to abuse the service.

Step 4

Google will ask you to confirm if the application is still on playstore

Select “YES”

Step 5

Supply your name and application package name before you can submit

Step 6

locate the application package name from the URL. Add it and submit

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