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What is the Best Health Insurance in the United States in 2022?

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In a simple sense, having health insurance means in times of an emergency in regards to health that leads to being in the hospital (road accident, home accident, etc.) The medical bills or expenses of the affected individual are taken care of by the program he has purchased through any legal means of insurance. A lot of people have been asking us What Is the Best Health Insurance In the United States? Because of that, we decided to write on the Best Health Insurance in the United State.

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History of health insurance in the United States

In September 1945 after world war II, the Truman administration started working on a national health plan which will provide health insurance for all U.S citizens

Health insurance as a program is operated in the US by both the private and public and it is possible to have a combination of the two.

Public Health Insurance is of three categories; 

  • The children’s health insurance program (CHIP)
  •  The medicare 
  •  Medicaid program.

The Children Health Insurance Program(CHIP) formerly known as State Children’s Health Insurance is a Federal healthcare program that provides some medical expenses(immunization, dental care, etc.) for children below the age of 18 and this program is funded by both the state and the federal government of the United States.

The Medicare program is also funded by the United States government. The government takes care of the medical bills and expenses for young people with disabilities, and individuals with permanent kidney failures that would require a transplant or dialysis (End-Stage Renal Disease), but mainly for people the age of 65 or older.

The Medicaid program jointly funded by the US State and Federal governments is a major health service that pays highly for healthcare in the United States. This program gives healthcare privileges to low-income earners, elderly adults, pregnant women, children, and physically disabled individuals.


Private Health Insurance is the major player in the US health insurance program because the state government cannot provide health insurance for its whole population.

The Private insurance sector covers a wider ratio than the public/government because in most cases private business owners and employers provide coverage on health insurance to their employees.

The Private health insurance sector varies on the company and offers various plans and services at different costs regarding the insured/purchaser’s medical health and history. These plans differ to cover individuals and families in particular.

Best Health Insurance in the United States,Best health insurance in U.S,Health Insurance in United States, What is the Best Health Insurance in the United States in 2022?, Brillaweb

How Many Health Insurance Companies Are There In The United States?

In answering the question of how many health insurances both public and private operators in the US, an estimate in 2017 was given to be about 907. At present, the likely estimated number would be about 5,654 health insurance companies legally registered in the United States.

Which Is The Number One(1) Health Insurance Companies In United State?

On ratings and overview in the US, the Health Care Service Corporation (HCSC) is now the number one and largest health insurance customer-owned company in the United States.

What Is the Best Health Insurance In United States in 2022?

As an individual or as a family, when choosing a health insurance plan, there are various factors that such plan needs to be considered and covered.

These insurance plans to be regarded best needs to cover up these factors;

  •  A Personal right to any doctor, pharmacist, clinic, pharmacy, or hospital of your choosing.
  • Involvement of specialists like dentists, optometrists, and otolaryngologists.
  • Medications prescribed by physicians, home medical care, and nursing home care.
  • Expense costs, deductions, and copayments.
  • Special conditions like; pregnancy, abortion, therapies, and psychiatric medication.

These various factors are to ensure that health insurance covers all important health issues that might arise in the future.

There are different health insurance companies out there. We’ve compiled a list of the Best Health Insurance Companies In The United States for you.

United Health

This health insurance company is known to be one of the cheapest insurance companies available in the U.S. Though many give reviews that it is the worse insurance company but people still go for it since it is far way too cheap compared to others out there.

Kaiser Foundation

Henry J. Kaiser was the founder of the Kaiser Foundation which started on December 4, 1948. Sadly, this also has some bad reviews from people; I won’t count those reviews anyway. You can try them and see if they will be better for you.

Centene Corporation

Centene Corporation is currently ranked as one of the best insurance companies in the united state. The company was founded in the year 1984 by Elizabeth “Betty” Brinn a known former hospital bookkeeper. The company currently has over 27,000 workers and offers the following services:

  • Medicare Advantage and supplement
  • Federal services
  • Correctional healthcare e.t.c
  • Independence Health Group

Has an individual family health plan and brokers and their price ranges e.g

  • $17,774.40 – $19,319.99 for single person
  • $24,039.60 – $26,129.99 for family of 2
  • $30,304.80 – $32,939.99 for family of 3
  • $42,835.20 –$46,559.99 for a family of 5

And so on

Carefirst inc

They offer the most comprehensive coverage and have the largest network for medical vision and dental insurance. They offer the following plans:

  • Group Plans
  • Individual plans
  • Dental Plans
  • Medicaid Plans
  • Prescription Drug Plans
  • Student Health Plans

Offering their very best to customers.

Blue Cross Blue Shield Association

Formed in the year 1982 it provides health insurance to more than 37,000 people in the states. Like others, the blue cross blue shield has insurance plans available for any


  • Family and Individual
  • Medicare
  • Dental and vision

Which might be the best for you

Molina Healthcare

Founded by Dr. C. David Molina in the year 1980 which was many years ago. The company has about 13,000 employees as of 2021 and start offering medicare in the year 2014. You can visit their website ( to check for more information

Elevance Health

Formerly being called anthem inc with over 20 years of operation, Elevance Health is known to be one of the largest health insurance companies available in the u.s

And is very much available for medicare

United health insurance

United health care also provides family plan medicare coverage, dental benefits, prescription drugs, and more


Best affordable health insurance

The listed insurance companies above are carefully being taken through research and reviews by their users.

We can’t just jump to conclusion that one can be best for you, that is why you need to carefully make more research and get an insurance company that will be a great choice for you.

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