Online Loans In Ghana Without Collateral

Ghana is one of the fastest rising countries in Africa today due to its rapid economic growth. This has led to different companies trying to penetrate the Ghanaian market in other to reach more customers and establish their businesses.

Different money lending companies are now moving to the Ghanaian market to start their business. As individuals, we all know how cumbersome it can be when it comes to getting loans in the bank. This process can be annoying and frustrating because of the processes involved when trying to acquire a loan.

When the word loan is mentioned in an average African setting, the first thing that comes to mind is trouble or collateral. Most of the time when people put their assets as collateral, some of them end up losing their property due to the strict policies of the traditional banks.

But today the story is entirely different because you can now get a quick loan without any form of collateral.

Loan without collateral has become a greatly welcome development in Ghana as people now have access to quick long term and short term loans without having to follow through with any paperwork procedure that is time consuming and discouraging.

This article will talk about 6 different loan companies in Ghana that offer quick long term or short term loans without collateral. 

This post is going to be a lengthy one as I’ll be covering almost everything you need to know regarding how you can secure your first loan in less than 5 minutes without having to follow through with any paperwork. All you need to secure this loan is just a smartphone, PC and internet connection to get started.

Below is the list of companies offering quick loans without collateral

Online Loans In Ghana Without Collateral

List Of 6 Companies Offering Quick Loans Without Collateral In Ghana

Zidisha Loan

Zidisha loan is another most patronized lending company in Ghana. It is one of the fastest-growing lending companies in Ghana with over 393,438 members at the time of writing this article. The company was founded in October 2009 by Julia Kurnia. Zidisha offers loans of up to 50,000 cedis to its customers or applicants. 

The interesting thing about Zidisha Loan is the aspect of a loan without collateral. The company operates on the internet, which means that you don’t need to visit their office or pass through any paperwork before you can get a loan.

Zidisha Loan operates in a form of peer to peer lending. They have a pool of individual lenders who are giving out loans through Zidisha. they focus on supporting small scale entrepreneurs through the help of third party individual lenders who are ready to lend you money to support your business.

Before you can apply for a Zidisha loan, you need to pay the sum of 40 cedis as the loan processing fee before you can receive your loan.

Fido Loan

Fido Loan is a lending company that offers short term loans through their mobile application that comes with an inbuilt wallet. The company operates base on trust, which means that they don’t need you to present any of your valuable assets as collateral for your loan.

To apply for a Fido Loan, you need to have a valid means of identification, present proof of residential address with employment proof to show that you’re working and very capable of paying back your loan.

After you have filled in your details, the system will analyze your details through machine learning technology to evaluate you.

If you’re qualified for a loan offer, the app will credit the money into your wallet which you can withdraw to your local bank account

Carbon (Pay later Ghana)

Carbon is also known as pay later, the company has operational branches in different African countries. It is a leading financial money lending company that offers long term and short term loans with a headquarter in Lagos and they have successfully penetrated into different African countries and other European countries.
In Ghana, Carbon is regarded as one of the best money lending companies because of their loan offers that are accessible to everyone irrespective of social background.
before you can access carbon loan, you need to have their android application which you can download from playstore or AppStore.

With carbon, you can borrow from 5 Cedis to 1000 Cedis without having to use any of your assets as collateral.

All that is required are digital documents that prove your identity. These documents and your bio-data, proof of employment, photograph and the amount of money you wish to borrow.

Once you fill in the required information during registration, the system will evaluate your application. Once you pass the evaluation process, they will automatically credit your account with the money without any additional charges or disbursement fees.

Once you’re a beneficiary of the Paylater loan, always ensure you make repayment before the stipulated date or else you will be blacklisted from getting loans in the future.

Mtn Qwik Loans

MTN Qwik loan is a loan that is only available to MTN subscribers with MTN mobile money wallets. 

With this lending platform, you can borrow up to 1000 cedis within 5 minutes. This money will be paid to your wallet balance which you can withdraw instantly.

To be eligible to use MTN Qwik Loan, you must be an active MTN subscriber who uses the MTN money wallet to buy airtime and data regularly for 6 months.

There is no need for collateral before you can access the loan offer.

Access Bank Payday Loan

With the Access Bank Payday Loan offer, you can access quick loans to solve urgent monetary problems.

This loan offer is available to only salary earners in Ghana. To access this loan, all you need is to dial  *901*11#  and follow the instruction to get an instant loan.

Immediately you borrow the money, it will be sent to your AccessBank account which you can cash out at an atm or pos machine.

The benefit of Access Bank Payday Loan

  • Instant disbursement of loan
  • No collateral involve
  • No paperwork Involve
  • No need of visiting the bank
  • Accessible from any device

Ecobank Personal Loan

This is a loan from Ecobank that comes with a flexible repayment plan. This loan offer allows you to have access to more loans when you make a repayment. Ecobank is a reliable source for lending money.

The bank also offers short term loans for solving urgent monetary problems you’re facing.


If you have any questions regarding loans without collateral in ghana, kindly drop them in the comment section. we’ll reply to them as soon as we can.